Endovac-Bovi Beef 40ml (20 doses) - Vaccine

Two Technologies in One Bottle

Endovac Vaccine

Pasterurella and Mannheimia vaccine for respiratory protection

Safe and effective without negative active endotoxins

Protection from E.coli and Salmonella

Immune Plus

Activated immune system for stronger responses

Only immune stimulant to be packaged in the convenience of a vaccine

Easy to use, no mixing, low 2mL dose

Immune Plus the Unique Immunostimulant

Immune Plus raises the overall immune system of the animal.  This is important both for response to vaccination as well as overall health at critical times.  Two key components of the immune system, lymphocytes and antibodies are both significantly increased with Immune Plus.  Elevating the animal’s own immune response to ward off harmful pathogens, as well as enhancing the ability to respond to all of your vaccinations, is key.