Super-Cal (5 Gallons) (Treats 2.5 acres)

Don’t Starve Your Crop of the Calcium It NeedsNothing can replace the role of calciumin soil health and plant structure. When itcomes to supplying calcium in the form yourplants require, nothing beats SuperCal. 

SuperCal® contains plant available calcium plus a proprietary blend of natural organic acids that work in the soil to break down tied up calcium/lime deposits and convert them to an available form that plants can utilize. With SuperCal®, hundreds of pounds of insoluble calcium per acre can be brought into solution, ensuring that your plants have an abundant supply.

Application for pastures/fields:

Soil apply 2 gallons of Super-Cal per acre. 


– Guaranteed analysis of 10% calcium– 100% water-soluble … Does not have to go through biological breakdown– Immediately available to the soil and growing plants– Improves Nutrient Uptake– Increases Yield and Crop Quality– Improves nitrogen efficiency when applied with liquid nitrogen– See first season results…No waiting 6-12 months like with dry lime.